Your attendance or Proxy at the Annual Meeting is important to establish a quorum.


Annual Meeting October 12th, 2020

virtual meeting via zoom and in person attendance outside the clubhouse.  Bring your own chair Contact the office to reserve a spot.

click here for link to register for zoom

click here to submit online proxy


At the meeting, the Board of Directors will:


  • Confirm election of new Directors

  • Review the financial posture of the Association

  • Adopt a budget for the forthcoming year

  • Provide an annual report

  • Ratify By-Law amendments

  • Consider such other matters as may be properly brought before the membership meeting


Member attendance or Proxy is important!  A quorum of Members must be present at the meeting to conduct community business. A proxy was mailed to all members September  23, 2020. You can download the proxy here or submit online.   Members may assign their proxy to the Board or another property owner who will be in attendance.  If you prefer to send a paper copy of the proxy return it to 2300 Arkansas Valley Drive or or have the assigned Member bring the proxy to the annual meeting.  If you are unsure of your attendance, go ahead and send in a proxy, then if you can attend the meeting your attendance will void the proxy.

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