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City Directors

Little Rock City Hall
500 West Markham - Room 203
Little Rock, AR 72201
(501) 371-4510


Pleasant Valley is Ward 4

Ward 4        Capi Peck                                                       

Ward 1        Emma Hendrix 

Ward 2        Ken Richardson

Ward 3        Kathy Webb     

Ward 5        Lance Hines     

Ward 6        Doris Wright    

Ward 7        B.J. (Brenda) Wyrick

Position 8    Dr. Dean Kumpuris

Position 9    Antwan Phillips  

Position 10   Joan Adcock    

Jon Honeywell, Department Director
Public Works Department
701 West Markham Street
Little Rock, AR 72201
Office: (501) 371-4475
Fax: (501) 371-4843

Arkansas Department of Transportation

LRPD Telephone Reporting Unit (TRU)

501-918-4397  or


Auto Break in or Entering - delayed or single incident
Criminal Mischief
Directed Patrol Request
Financial Identity Fraud
Fraudulent Use of a Credit Card
General Information
Harassing Communications
Hit & Run Accident (no Injury - private property)
Lost/Stolen License Plate
Private Property Accident (No Injury)
Terroristic Threatening (suspect not present)
Theft reports, including shoplifting 
Vacation Home Reports
Lost or Missing Property
Report Supplemental information to existing report
Private Property damage when there is no apparent criminal intent.
Fraudulent payment/solicitations scams
Attempted breaking & entering unoccupied buildings: garages, sheds, vacant or foreclosed homes.

PLEASE DO NOT USE this old NON EMEREGENCY Number used in past 501-371-4829


Department of Planning and Development

723 West Markham Street

Little Rock, AR 72201-1334

Phone: (501) 371-4790  Fax: (501) 399-3435


Tony Bozynski

Dana Carney

Donna James


Planning Commission


Jennifer Belt              (501) 350-5360

Craig Berry                (501) 663-1693

Thomas Brock            (501) 455-4754

David "Alan" Bubbus   (501) 256-9187

Buelah Bynum            (501) 227-5883

Keith Cox                   (501) 614-5016

Janet Dillon                (501) 650-4180

Rebecca Finney          (501) 258-8867

Keith Fountain            (501) 529-5666

Bill May                      (501) 225-4785

Obray Nunnley, Jr.       (501) 960-4287