Rental Information


3 hour Pool rental 


Private Party

up to 25 guests............................$175

26-51 guests................................$200

51-75 guests................................$250

Hidden Valley rents on Mondays

Arkansas Valley rents on Tuesdays


Non Private Party - M-F 10-5

up to 20 guests .........................$100



First hour...................................$125

each addt'l hour..........................$25

maximum daily rate..................$300

Policies for Rental and Use of the Pleasant Valley Community Center and Pools


Deposits are due when the reservation is made.  Rental fees are due one week prior to the rental date.  Preferred payment method is by check. You must be a Pleasant Valley resident to rent community center and pools. The resident that rents out the facilities must have their property dues paid and current.


Failure to confirm the rental contract and payment of fees as noted will result in the POA releasing the requested time and date to other interested parties.  


All rentals start at the time indicated on the contract and not before.  Decorating and set up time must be part of the rental time.  Please plan your time accordingly.  Rentals end at the time specified on the contract; all guests must plan accordingly to be out of the Community Center by the time noted.  This is important because there may be another event immediately before or after your planned event.   Lifeguards will arrive 20 minutes before pool parties if you want to set up then.  No guest are allowed in the pool as the lifeguards will be performing opening procedures.


Please read all details of the contract and promptly submit to keep the reservation time and day you have requested.  


Rentals and Rental Agreement

All rentals ofr facilities will require a $50 deposit and a signed rental reservation form between the resident and the POA through its authorized representatives.  The balance is due one week before the event.


The facilities will be rented on a first-come, first served basis.  Reservation request conflicts will be resolved by the Community Manager.  


Reservation Confirmation:  A reservation for the facility will be considered confirmed when the invoice showing the deposit paid and balance due is received from the Community Manager.


Telephone reservations will be accommodated by the POA.  All such verbal reservations must also be confirmed in writing within 5 days.  If the signed rental agreement is not returned within 5 days, the reservation is automatically void.  It is the sole responsibility of the lessee to complete and return the rental agreement within the 5 days.


The Community Center will be available for rental events between the hours from 8:00 A.M. and 12:00 A.M., which shall constitute a rental day.  


Rental Rates


    1 hours            $125

    2 hours            $150

    3 hours            $175

    4 hours            $200

    5 hours            $225

    6 hours            $250

    7 hours            $275

    Maximum Daily rate    $300


Rental for the pools are for 3 hour intervals.  Arkansas Valley is available Tuesdays and Hidden Valley available Mondays. Non-private parites are available during the week days for less than 20 guest.  Swimmers and non-swimmers are included in the numbers.


    Less than 25 guests           $175

    26  to 50 guests                 $200

    51  to 75 guests                 $250


    Non - private                    $100 Weekdays only



Responsibilities of Renter:


  • If event is held after regular business hours or on a weekend, the renter will need to obtain a key to the Community Center.  Please discuss with Community Manager.

  • Renter is responsible for cleanup of the facility similar to pre-event condition.

  • Renter must empty any and all trash, litter or decorations and remove any equipment within the contract lease period; otherwise, additional fees may be charged or deducted from deposits for the additional time used.  Failure to do so will result in additional cleaning fees.   

  • Renter is responsible cleaning the kitchen after usage (clean counter tops, sweep and vacuum floors of debris, load dishwasher and dispose of all trash from area into available outside city trash receptacles).  A $50 cleaning fee will be charged for not cleaning the facility.

  • Renter assumes responsibility for the actions of his or her guests.  

  • Renter assumes financial responsibility for damages to the Community Center.  

  • Renter is responsible for locking the doors to the Community Center.


Community Center Policies


  • No smoking is permitted inside the Community Center.  

  • No red-based beverages may be served inside the Community Center.

  • You must be over the age of 21 to rent the facilities.  There must be a responsible adult age 21 or older in charge of the event and present during the entire rental period for activities involving minors.  

  • Animals are not allowed inside the Community Center with the exception of guide dogs.

  • The POA is not responsible for lost, damaged, or stolen personal items during your rental time.  

  • The Little Rock Fire Department Marshall set the building capacity at 75 people.