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Association Guidelines

The Pleasant Valley Bill of Assurance and By-Laws contain provisions to maintain the beauty of Pleasant Valley.  All residents are bound by these documents, and they give the Board the authority to enforce them. This is usually achieved with a notice and, if ignored, a fine for residents who do not abide by the Bill of Assurances. Please be a good neighbor and follow these guidelines. Fines up to $200 per month are possible.

  • Signs of any kind are not allowed in residents’ yards except to advertise the home for sale

  • All exterior changes to a residence or landscaping must be approved by the Architectural Control Committee prior to being changed.  Request forms can be found on the PVPOA website and are reviewed monthly.

  • Boats, RV’s, trailers, and similar recreational vehicles must be kept inside a garage and not openly stored in either the driveway or in the yard.

  • Yards must be regularly mowed and trimmed within commonly accepted norms.

  • Street parking is strictly forbidden / Street parking should be sparingly, if ever used.

  • Garage doors must be closed when not in use.

  • Residents must clean up after their dogs in both neighbors’ lawns OR in common areas.

  • Residents must keep pets quiet, on their own property, and under control when on a walk.

  • ATV’s, UTV’s, dirt-bikes, go-karts or other vehicles are strictly forbidden on any common areas or streets.

  • Residents must be mindful of quiet times (8:00 p.m.-7:30 a.m.) and require any workers at their property to do the same.

  • Residents must drive carefully and within speed limits.

  • Residents must maintain landscaping that accommodates ready visibility for passing motorists.

  • Neither pellet guns or air rifles shall ever be discharged in parkways and streets.

  • Do not throw trash in parking lots of the pool and park areas

  • Garbage cans should be placed on the curb the night before pick-up and timely/promptly removed from the curb after pickup and stored out of sight.

  • All yard waste should be composted on your property, set out for pick-up, or taken by your lawn service to a proper disposal site.  Yard waste should not be placed in common areas or storm drains.


The Board of Directors, through its Treasurer, has the ability to assess fines against residents who ignore association warnings to maintain property to understood/known neighborhood standards outlined within both the Bills of Assurance and the PVPOA Policy Manual, Section VI.  Approved November 2005 Annual Meeting


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