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For information contact the Community Manager


Current Board Members 

Jamie McLarty - President

Spring 2025

David Montague - Vice President

Architectural Committee Chair

Spring 2024


Kristen Minton – Treasurer

Spring 2026


Valerie Fortner – Secretary

Architectural Committee Member

Spring 2024


Andrew Adkins

Spring 2026

Brad Burney

Spring 2025

Joe Kolb

Spring 2024


Courtney Menefee

Spring 2025

Inez Reeder

Social Committee Chair

Spring 2026



Diane – Community Manager

2300 Arkansas Valley Drive - office








Pleasant Valley is governed by a nine member Board of Directors elected by residents in the first quarter every year.   Directors serve a three year term with three directors positions coming up for election every year as established in the Articles of Incorporation.  The day to day operations are performed by the Community Manager.  

Committee Members are appointed by the Board as directed in the Bylaws.

If you are interested in serving on the board of directors or one of the various committees contact the office.






Architectural Control Committee

Finance Committee

Nominating Committee

Grounds Committee(Facilities, Parks and Pools)

Social Committee

Welcome Committee


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