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This includes but is not limited to, landscaping, drainage, painting, new roof, new windows or doors, additions, anything on the exterior. The standards listed below are not all inclusive but should be followed AND a request still completed.

Architectural Control Committee Standards

The Bill of Assurances allow 30 days for the committee to review requests. The committee strives to reply to all requests within a week. However, with the increase in the number and scope of the projects the time frame can be longer. Please submit your request in a timely manner.

  1. Structures (whether additions, outbuildings, or anything that would be “under roof”) should abide by all setbacks set out in the BOA.

    1. Side setbacks - Ten feet or 10% of lot width at the building line, whichever is greater, with the exception of Installments 84-67764, Plat B369; 84-63258 Plat B339; and S-2590-B, which have an 8 foot side setback.

    2. Rear setbacks - Attached additions should be at least 25 feet or more from the rear property line unless the property falls within Installment 1177/521 Plat 27/92, which provides for a 60 foot rear setback.

    3. Detached additions must adhere to the side setback requirements for the rear and sides.

    4. Setbacks noted on Plats or Surveys (e.g., building lines, utility easements) can neither be waived nor approved by the AAC or Board. Such a request requires a change of Plat as well as approval through the city.

    5. Open roof structures (e.g., structures with no roof such as - pergolas, fences, enclosures, playsets, driveways, patios, or landscaping) are not bound by the setbacks.

    6. Contiguous Residents will be contacted with a request for comments regarding the projects that are not within the setbacks.

  2. Outbuildings

    1. Must be “incidental and related to residential use of the premises”

    2. Should not be visible from the street

    3. Must be less than 175 square feet. Planned outbuildings that exceed 175 square feet must have architectural plans, renderings, and elevations. (175 sq ft is approx. 10x17, 11x15)

    4. Must match the color scheme and materials of the primary dwelling (i.e., a shingled-roofed outbuilding must match the design of the roof of the primary dwelling, with brick or wood siding that matches the home). There is some leeway for brick homes to have an approved wood structure

    5. No metal buildings

    6. Small (7lx7hx8h or less)plastic buildings are considered temporary but should still not be visible from the street and should be located within setbacks

  3. Pools

    1. No framed above ground pools

    2. No large inflatable pools

    3. Drain lines should be installed and pumped to the street

  4. Fences

    1. The committee prefers natural wood or iron/aluminum fencing. The flat/good side of wood fences should face outward on all sides.

    2. No chain link fencing

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