Pleasant Valley Board of Directors Statement


On May 5, 2016 the City of Little Rock held a public meeting in which the Public Works department presented the citizens with 4 road improvement options to the section of Rodney Parham Road which goes through the Pleasant Valley Neighborhood. Rodney Parham Road has served west Little Rock and Pleasant Valley for over 50 years, more or less, as it exists today, in this section.


The Pleasant Valley Board is committed to supporting improvements that serve the community and our neighborhood for the next 50 years. The board looked at these key decision points: improving storm water runoff, maintaining current traffic volumes, reducing traffic speed, accommodating pedestrians & cyclists, limiting the area of paved surface, and the future impact of improvements on the neighborhood and home values. After consultation with civil engineers and meetings with neighbors, the board believes the best way to address the goals of the majority of stakeholders is with Option D of the four options presented by the City of Little Rock. Option D, which provides two travel lanes with a center median and left hand turn bays at intersections, presents the best way to cooperatively meet the long-term goals of the neighborhood and the needs of the larger community.


However, the board also recognizes that Option D, as shown on the study documents, fails to capitalize on the opportunity to better match the existing grades of the homes along the east and west right-of-ways.  Additionally, it fails to incorporate a center median as the catch-basin and retention area for storm water collection. Both the grade separation and the center storm water collection would better address the storm water flooding and the driveway slopes of homeowners adjoining Rodney Parham Road.  The board will continue to engage the City of Little Rock regarding these plan features if Option D is chosen. Finally, the board recognizes near universal support of a lower speed limit. The roadway design of Option D will naturally encourage this request.

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